Lindsay Lohan Says Women Speaking Out With #MeToo “Look Weak” And Discusses Incident With Paul Schrader

Lindsay Lohan has experienced a fall from grace that many child-actors have experienced in Hollywood. From a young age, the actress was headlining major movies and was one of the biggest stars in the world. Then, as an adult, she fell on hard times, with addiction and legal issues following. Since then, Lohan has struggled to get back in the entertainment industry.

Now, she has a new series airing in the UK and in honor of “Sick Note,” Lohan had an interview with the British media outlet The Times. And in the interview, when the subject of #MeToo was brought up, the actress was quick to voice her feelings and details an uncomfortable incident on set with director Paul Schrader.

She started by saying she hasn’t had any experiences that she would consider part of the #MeToo movement. “So, I don’t really have anything to say,” she said. “I can’t speak on something I didn’t live, right? Look, I am very supportive of women. Everyone goes through their own experiences in their own ways.”

However, judging by her further comments and story, it sounds like maybe her definition of what is considered inappropriate wouldn’t be the same as many other women.

Lohan discussed a situation that happened on the set of “The Canyons.” The film, which starred Lohan and adult film actor James Deen, was supposed to be the actress’ big return to the industry after her sordid past. However, “The Canyons” didn’t take off like she was hoping, despite being written by “American Psycho” author Bret Easton Ellis and legendary director Paul Schrader.

And it’s an incident with Paul Schrader that Lohan recalls. According to the interview, during a scene where Lohan was to be nude, she was nervous. To help ease her anxiety, the actress claims that Schrader disrobed himself. As the article says, “At first, Lohan shrieked, then slipped off her robe. The scene was filmed in a single 14-minute take.”

As for what she thinks of women who do come forward with their stories, she says, “If it happens at that moment, you discuss it at that moment. You make it a real thing by making it a police report. I’m going to really hate myself for saying this, but I think by women speaking against all these things, it makes them look weak when they are very strong women. You have these girls who come out, who don’t even know who they are, who do it for the attention. That is taking away from the fact that it happened.”

Lohan’s latest project is “Sick Note,” airing now in the UK.